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Professional management of servers frees your hands Let us care for the servers . We will take care!
Installation and configuration of services • 24/7 server monitoring • Performance debugging • Regular updating • 1 hour of the administrator’s work

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Cloud Environment On OpenNebula

The opensource software OpenNebula ensures high flexibility, extensibility and stability.

Moreover, through connection with FeldGit™ you acquire a reliable tool for the development and testing of modern applications.



Professional administration of servers frees your hands.Let us care for the servers. We will take care of their speed, reliability and safety.

Whatever solution you choose, it is ready for you:

Cloud panel Sunstone

Thanks to the cloud panel directly in the internet browser, you get easy administration of a virtual data centre (VDC).


Programme instantiate, monitoring and termination of VM instances, and available drivers for a docker-machine, rancher, vagrant and others - all this is the commonplace.

Own private networks

Within the VDC, you can create private virtual networks and virtual routers for the interconnection of VM instances. No unauthorised people can get into your network.

High performance

High performance and scaling ability guarantees you that the web or application will run very smoothly.


With Anti-DoS/DDoS protection by the RadWare DefensePro elements and connection to the network FENIX, you need not fear mass attacks.

Daily backup

We prevent any data loss by everyday backup to the dedicated server in the form of snapshots.

How FeldHost™ Cloud Station Works?

Cloud storage is backed by HPE 3PAR 8450 All-Flash storage system, equipped with 24 × 8TB SSD disks, which has up to four controllers. This ensures redundancy at the hardware level.

The computing nodes, on which the virtual machines (VM) are running, are connected through two optical switches on the storage cluster. They share each other’s data storage and can be migrated from one node to the other one during their run, e.g. in case of maintenance, need to distribute load or a failure.

High performance of the virtual machines ensures the equipping with advanced Intel Xeon processors, DDR4 memory, storage cluster SSD SAS drives, and network connectivity through dual 10GbE technology.

Explore The OpenNebula Environment

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