See how simple the GitLab interface really is:

The GitLab tool is designed for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. You can engage the code with the certainty that it has been tested in several environments.

Let the installation, updating, hosting and backup of your own and safe GitLab instance be on us.



Gitlab CE or EE

Choose between versions CE or EE. It is necessary to acquire a GitLab Enterprise subscription to utilise the version EE.

Automatic updates

We can automatically update your instance when critical safety updates or new GitLab versions are released.

Auto-scaling runners for GitLab CI

You can start several parallel tests without any need to wait for the completion of the previous ones. Thanks to this feature, you can test much faster and save your developers’ time.

Docker executor and isolation

All tests run separately, each one in its own docker-machine. You can also simply use your own docker image from the GitLab registry.

Safety and privacy

Each instance is on a separate node with switched on HTTPS and dedicated resources without any shared environment. For you, this means maximum safety.

Daily backups

We backup the instances on the dedicated server in the form of snapshots. Do not worry about the loss of your data.

GitLab CI runners

You will start the runners automatically with the connection to the VPS Servers service. This hourly rate is from 0,26 Kč.

Frequently Asked Questions