Daily backup

All is backed up to the dedicated server. Thanks to this, you will never lose your company data. The backup history covers up to half-year.

Secure connection

Your connection through a secured connection protects you against attacks and espionage.

Access from any place

We guarantee high availability, with permanent access to your data from any place.

Care free operation

Let the operation of the servers be completely on us. Our customer support is always ready to help.

We reliably manage servers for:

Frequently Asked Questions

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We have already helped

Zbyšek Pertlíček

Zbyšek Pertlíček

Owner of an online store - Flangi a.s.

We have been using FELDSAM's services for several years and we are very satisfied. Especially in terms of support, which is crucial for us. In our case, they also operate Windows servers and a Linux server, and we really appreciate that they know both environments and we can have one reliable partner for the operation of all necessary platforms in our company.

Ing. Vladimír Borecký

Ing. Vladimír Borecký

Owner of online sanitary equipment shops - B.A.R. Praha, s.r.o.

Our company operates several internet shops. In the past, we hosted applications and data with two important providers; however, we were not satisfied with some drawbacks, such as operating failures, occasional problems with the availability of technical support or insufficient communication. We have experienced good services from the company FeldHost™ and primarily appreciate the quality service, highly professional approach and fast communication. We can definitely recommend the FeldHost™ services.

Štefan Gembický

Štefan Gembický

Owner of a digital agency - okto.digital s.r.o.

FeldHost™ is a small hosting company with a lot of potential and personal contact. Technical problems are solved really fast and support is very responsive. Unlike large companies, they are very dynamic and can change our preferences and technical needs within few hours. They also give us a lot of advice outside they'r scope.

Ivan Smrčka

Ivan Smrčka

Owner of an accounting company - okto.digital s.r.o.

I cannot imagine the operation of our company without the use of the excellent FeldHost™ services. I remember when we were sending the client data by e-mails, and this detained us incredibly. So now, we all have available everything we need. We get immediate responses to any possible problems. Full satisfaction on our side.