99,99% guarantee of availability

Our servers are supervised by experienced administrators 24/7. Thanks to them, you can connect yourself anytime, anywhere.

Prevention of fall

It is provided thanks to a direct connection to the trustworthy network FENIX that can protect you even against massive DoS and DDoS attacks.

9x5 customer support

We can advise you every business day. From 9 AM to 6 PM, by e-mail or telephone.

Direct connection

With direct connection to internet to nodes NIX.cz, FENIX, SIX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX and NIX.sk, your services will run quickly and without any drops.

24/7 supervision centre

The supervision centre is operated by senior administrators that take care for non-stop monitoring and immediate reporting of any anomalies

Protection against DDOS attacks

Complete prevention RadWare DefensePro and network FENIX protect you against the temporary unavailability of your services as well as serious final consequences.

We reliably operate servers for:

Frequently Asked Questions

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